Pear Lake Women’s Program

Our women’s co-occurring residential treatment program is located at our newly remodeled Pear Lake facility. The house is nestled in a serene, wooded area on the shores of quiet and quaint Pear Lake, only two miles from Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The natural environment and supportive staff make this an ideal setting for our program, which is designed to help recovering women realize their fullest potential while empowering them to take responsibility for themselves and their families.

Each Pear Lake client receives personalized treatment according to her individual needs. Program options include:

  • Project Clean Start:  An aftercare program provided by Hope House and available to all chemically dependent mothers and their children.  For more information on Project Clean Start. Click Here
  • Relapse Prevention Group:  Provides knowledge of the relapse process and helps the client recognize individual triggers as well as develop healthy coping skills.
  • Relationship Skills Group:  Helps clients recognize and address how their addiction has affected their relationships and learn skills to enrich relationships in their lives.
  • Step Group:  Provides clients with a working knowledge of the 12 steps of AA/NA with an emphasis on the curriculum, A Women’s Way Through the 12 Steps, by Stephanie Covington.
  • Talking Circle:  An hour-long monthly Native American tradition in which clients are given the opportunity to speak freely in a non-confrontational manner as equals about their struggles with substance abuse.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Group:  A group that provides education on how thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are interconnected.  Clients will learn to identify thoughts, core beliefs, and emotions while learning CBT-based skills such as mindfulness, thought recording, and behavioral activation.
  • Education On Co-Occurring Disorders Group:  Provides the client with education on how to manage their mental health concerns, especially as those concerns relate to chemical dependency.  This co-occurring group also informs clients of the effect mental illnesses can have on addiction and relapse prevention.
  • Circles of Security:  An attachment-based caregiver education and support group that offers relationship tools to provide a new way of understanding children’s needs, creating lasting security for children, and more satisfaction for caregivers.
  • Living Skills Group:  Provides clients with the necessary tools to live a healthy, chemical-free lifestyle.  Topics covered include budgeting, organizational skills, household maintenance, community resource education, and more.
  • Socialization and Stress Management Group:  Designed to encourage long and short-term goal planning and achievement by addressing client goals and receiving feedback from peers.
  • Mindfulness Group:  A group that focuses on instilling and expanding our client’s understanding and use of mindfulness and mindfulness-based skills.
  • Therapeutic Recreation:  Provides clients with an opportunity to participate in chemical-free recreational activities while learning to select and plan safe leisure activities that don’t involve substance use.
  • Family Recovery Program:  Educates clients and their families on the nature of substance abuse and recovery and how it affects the family system. Our hope is to provide much-needed support for families of those in recovery while promoting empathy and addressing boundary issues.

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